Yes we do, we can rent you the equipment to do your own show. If you have a DJ with you or you just want to play your own music through your iPlayer or Tablet. Maybe you are a musician and you would like to provide your own entertainment. We can supply everything you need.

Speakers, Amplifiers,  Mixers, Cables, Microphones, Stands, Spotlights, Lasers, Smoke Machines, Lighting, Desks Mic Stands.

Lasers, LED Spotlight, Microphones, Speakers, Amps, Stands, Smoke Machine P.A System

Audio & Lighting Rentals

Plug In Your mp3 Player

If you have a DJ or you have a load of songs on your mp3 player, Tablet or Note Book, you can just plug it in to one of our sound & light systems & away you go. Our technicians will deliver the equipment, set it up & then collect it when you have finished your party or wedding reception.

Equipment hire

Plug in your MP3 player to our sound system


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