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Rhodes Wedding Singer

Rhodes Wedding Singer

If you would like a singer at your wedding ceremony you have quite a few options, depending on your budget & what you would like on your special day. Maybe a singer with a guitarist to play as walk down the aisle. Great musicians are quite expensive & quite hard to find for wedding services as a lot of them here on island have, day jobs. Here at Rhodes Wedding Dj we have another option. Accomplished singer, Mini can sing for you and your guests at your ceremony using a discrete s high quality P.A System. Mini will also sing for your guests after the legal stuff has been done. You may have a favourite song that you would like here to sing for you, no problem, mini can do most popular tunes and regularly learns new song from the charts & popular trends.                                                                         

She is also available to sing you down the Aisle with one of our very talented acoustic guitarist for that more personal feel to your wedding march. Their large repertoire and ability to learn new songs you will be guaranteed to have your dream come true ceremony.                                                                                                                         

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Are you a budding singer or do you and your guests love to have a sing song?

We can provide everything you need, we have over 85,000 karaoke songs in many languages to choose from. Old classics right up to today’s pop songs. Karaoke books to help you choose from all your favourites. We have quality Shure radio microphones that will make you feel like a professional singer. All you have to do is warm up those vocal cords and sing to your hearts content. A night of fun and laughter for just €50 when you book one our discos

Other services

You may wish to have a solo musician to walk you down the Aisle, Acoustic guitarist or violinist for that intimate feel.

Greek dancers can provide a taste of the local culture. They will demonstrate some local and national dances whilst dressed in traditional and modern day costumes. They provide the chance to learn some of these exciting dances for you and your guests which usually ends in fits of laughter.

Fireworks, and floor sparklers will add a glorious bang to your wedding reception. They never fail in impressing your guests and leaving them in awe.

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