Some pictures by our DJs on their smartphones. 

Ok so these are NOT photographed by one of our professional photographers. These are just a few snaps taken at various wedding reception venues during the party by one of our DJs, usually on their smartphones.

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Here in Rhodes Greece it can be a little bit tricky sometimes to get equipment to some of the venues. We have to carry equipment to remote venues on beautiful beaches and through narrow winding historic streets where vehicles are not permitted. The weather is also a key factor, it can be 30 degrees plus at midnight. However this is what makes getting married on Rhodes so attractive. If you wish to have the latest illuminated dance floors with interactive video & the latest in hi tech laser shows, we can provide that. Please bear in mind it usually not possible to set it up outside, on a beach next to the Med.

We always dress our equipment in white and match your coloured them with ribbons and other decorations. Also we add L.E.D Up-Lighters to our covered equipment stands. to set a nice mood lighting that massages through a full spectrum of colours. We use the highest quality sound systems, some of which have been custom made for Rhodes Wedding DJ.

Here are a few snaps from the DJ’s phone,  just a small selection of our set ups.


Party into the night like these wonderful people did in 2019

Brides, Grooms and Guests in 2018


Here are just a few pictures caught by one of our DJ’s at some wedding receptions in 2017


FREE pictures from the DJ

We have 1000’s of pictures and these are just a select few. They were all take using a mobile phone, so they are not supposed to be professional by any means. However all the pictures taken by the DJ can be downloaded from our Google Drive free of charge. That way you can have some extra memories and get to have a laugh with your family and guests when you return home.

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