Wedding Music Drama? – A DJ’s advice on minimizing music stress

Create a tight itinerary

It may seem a bit over the top to plan every moment of your wedding down to the minute, but trust us, you do not want to have to make 10,000 executive decisions while you’re trying to enjoy your party and have fun with your guests. By giving your DJ a precise agenda for toasts, announcements, and other cues, he or she will be the timekeeper, so you can sit back and relax (or dance)!

Not sure how to begin creating your timeline? Typically the best place to start is by asking your caterer for a suggested schedule that fits into their meal service, and from there, your DJ will be happy to tweak it to help create a nice flow.

Plan, but don’t over-plan

One of the best things about having a DJ is that he/she can read the crowd and mix in and out of songs in a way that keeps guests on their toes, and maximizes the energy level of your reception. It’s a great idea to create a list of Must Play and Do Not Play songs, as well as a list of the key songs for various formalities, while still leavings some wiggle room for the DJ to take requests, and mix in some songs that they predict will keep the crowd happy. Having a 100-song, color-coded schedule of which songs to play may seem like a good idea in theory, but it may limit the DJ’s ability to do what he or she does best. A good DJ will fill in the blanks for your dance party music and be able to intelligently select songs that both represent your style, and also keep guests happy.

Be honest about who you are

A wedding is often just as much for your family and guests as it is for you and your betrothed, but just because there are certain expectations of how you should go about planning your big day, doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the rules a bit to represent your own personal style throughout the event. Don’t be afraid to tell your DJ if a certain formality makes you feel awkward, or if you really can’t stand the idea of having to be lifted up in a chair, or whatever it may be. Chances are, there are little tricks to help make these moments more comfortable, whether you want to invite guests to join you midway through your parent dance, or just skip your grand introduction altogether. (Hey, some people love the limelight more than others!) At the end of the day, there are no laws when it comes to planning your wedding, so you may as well make it your own.

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