20 Iconic wedding movies/ scenes pt 1

Life is not like the movies but do you wish it was? Here is some iconic wedding movie moments, let’s see how their wedding days go.

1) Sex and the city (2008)

A New York writer on sex and love is finally getting married to her Mr. Big. But her three best girlfriends must console her after one of them inadvertently leads Mr. Big to jilt her.

2) Gone with the wind (1939)

American film classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man conduct a turbulent romance during the American Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

3) West side story (1961)

Two youngsters from rival New York City gangs fall in love, but tensions between their respective friends build toward tragedy.

4) My big fat Greek wedding (2002)

A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity.

5) My big fat Greek wedding 2 (2016)

A Portokalos family secret brings the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.