Mr & Mrs Ainsworth Tsambikos 4/06/18

Here are some pictures of the fun loving Nigel and Donna Ainsworth. This is one of those nights to remember. the wedding reception was located at Tsambikos Taverna in Kalithea,  when you wedding cake was served the parents decided to make a joke and smother each other’s faces in cream. Right from the word go i knew that the bride and groom were going to be a right laugh. dancing with the kids doing this new trendy dance called the floss, later that night we had Greek dancers displaying traditional dance routines which included the guest to participate. lots of laughter was had when the men tried to imitate the zeibekiko, reserved only for men and then the Zorba which ended up more like the hockey cocky.

we would like to wish Mr and Mrs Ainsworth all the happiness for the future                                                                               Mini at Rhodes wedding dj

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