Ideas to keep your wedding guests entertained

Your wedding reception should be the best party of your life but nothing is more disheartening than guests leaving early, not enjoying themselves or the children playing up because they are bored.

So here at Rhodes wedding dj, Mini one of our top djs has compiled 15 interesting ideas to keep you and your guests happy all night long. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions to help make someone’s wedding reception positively memorable.

1) The children

They are very cute and adorable in their wedding attire, but they are the one’s who get easily bored with adult things like speeches. By keeping your mini adults entertained you can free up the parents/grandparents to enjoy themselves.Wedding themed colouring books, puzzles, games and bubbles are always a hit as well as a basic children’s craft kit for them to enjoy making and be able to take home with them.  As a dj I have mastered how to keep the little ones entertained. At a recent wedding while the adults were still eating and waiters were trying to clear tables, we played musical statues, every time a waiter wanted to get past the kids, I stopped the music, safety and fun both together – genius


2) The unseen memories

Nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays with great quality cameras, the only trouble is getting to see all the great memories from what your guests got up to whilst you weren’t looking. They are available in digital so you don’t lose the quality and if things get really crazy there is also a waterproof version available. There are no second chances to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

3) More happy snapping

You can’t create too many memories of your special day and this is a super fun way of making them. I have personally had a go in one of these and I would highly recommend it. Your guests can dress up with props and demonstrate what a great day they had. They can provide a keepsake photo album for the bride and  groom as well as a copy of the photo that can be made into a keyring for the guests straight after the shoot. great fun for all ages.

4) Jump around! 

This might not be granny’s idea of fun but I can guarantee that most adults and definitely all the kids are going to love this one.I haven’t met anyone who could resist slipping off their shoes and having a go until they’re worn out. After the wedding breakfast has been digested and before too much celebration has commenced might be advisable.

5) Thank you for the music 

As a wedding dj I often get playlists, which takes the guesswork out of the prefered genre of the wedding couple, the only trouble is not everyone has the same taste in music, so we have to cater for everyone and go with what is filling the dance floor. To make everyone feel involved at your wedding reception, ask every guest attending to add their most wanted party song request on their R.S.V.P. This automatically compiles a playlist that caters for all your guests.

6) Dj won’t you turn the music up 

The biggest element to a great wedding reception party will always be the music. Along with a great lighting rig it creates an unforgettable atmosphere but that is nothing if you’re not playing the right tunes. For me personally the finger pointing to the sky is the ultimate compliment from the guests that they are loving what I’m playing, and yes I will admit it, sometimes it will be cheese. When you and your guests are having a great time then so is the dj and if they love their job as much as we do then that is what they will strive for. This may be our job but to us this is your day and we will do our very best to make it as perfect as possible.

7) Dance like no-one is watching 

Learning new dance moves from professionals is always great fun with lots of giggles, it also provides great memories of your special day for you and your guests. Here in Greece you can’t be more entertained and mesmerized than with traditional Greek dancers who dress in both traditional and modern costumes. I have seen these dancers so many times and it is more than just learning the Zorba dance. A great display of national and local dances with plenty of opportunity to join in and learn something new.

8) Magic and mystery

This may seem a little last century but Tarot and table magic still impresses and captivates people’s imaginations. It is quirky and have people talking about it for a long time afterwards.Tarot has been around for centuries as a way of predicting the future, which can either be taken seriously or just a bit of fun and table magicians never fail to out smart your guests with their impressive tricks.

9) Spitting image 

A fun way to keep you guests entertained, an exaggerated portrait of your guests that they can keep as a wonderful souvenir of the day. It usually takes around ten minutes for the caricaturist to draw all of the complimentary features of your guests, a perfect opportunity to make fun of each other too.

10) Seeing double

Roll out the red carpet, an ‘A’ list celebrity is coming to your wedding, or so your guests will think. Hire a celebrity impersonator. This is an amazing way to wow your guests with opportunities to have pictures taken with the ‘look a like’. There is the added bonus of entertaining your guests if they have the same talents as their counterpart.

11) Sweets for my sweet 

A sweet treat for your sweet guests. Hire out a sweet cart to keep your guests sweet. A great selection of  pick n mix treats to satisfy the sweetest tooth. A fantastic party piece that will guarantee to impress.

12) Inner child within 


Child board games on the guest’s tables is a great way to break the ice for wedding guests who have become acquainted on your special day, or for general enjoyment. Whilst games like Monopoly and Risk are too long and Jenga runs the risk of spilling your drinks, Hungry Hipppos, Buckeroo, Connect and Guess Who are ideal, simple but fun and awakens the child within.  You may also want to consider Jumbo Jenga, Giant Chess or Big Noughts and Crosses, which are also great fun.

13) Throw them shapes 

Dance off is a fabulous way to create a comical atmosphere. I was a chief bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding and was challenged to a dance off from the groom. We both picked 5 songs and whoever had the most people up dancing was the winner, of course I won with 3 medleys. These do feature in my wedding reception disco set, girls vs boys with ‘Girls just want to have fun’ by Cyndi Lauper vs ‘Baggy Trousers by Madness. Get creative and challenge your guests.

14) Flying high and burning bright 

Highly romantic that creates a magical effect. Sending off balloons and floating lanterns are simply stunning. Balloons are let off with personal messages for the bride and groom, which is a lovely way to send good wishes for their future. Floating lanterns are just as impressive. You can write messages of goodwill and hope and then watch in awe as the lanterns drift out to sea.

15) The big bang theory 

Finish on a big bang. A fireworks display is an amazing treat for all your guests supplied by a professional company. Some couples choose to set off the fireworks during their first dance and some as a finale for the end of the night. It is a highly effective way to impress your guests.


I hope you have enjoyed my list of things to keep your wedding guests entertained, please feel free to add your suggestions Happy wedding day Mini <3 x