Professional every time


There are many reasons why you should hire a professional wedding DJ for your special day:

  1. There’s a high probability that a less expensive amateur DJ will not be in business by the time your wedding day arrives.

Many low-priced DJs are not charging enough to support their own businesses for the long term and by hiring them you are simply financing their hobby. It is always sad to hear that desperate couples had a “friend of a friend” DJ who cancelled on them at the last minute.

     Do you want to risk the possibility that the amateur DJ is bankrupt and out of business before your big day?

  1. Professional wedding DJ’s are more invested in their business and their performance than their amateur counterparts.

You are investing in your own memories and those of everyone who will be in attendance. The amateur DJ is doing it “for fun”. When something goes wrong during your evening celebrations, whilst this can be very upsetting for you and your guests, it may not be a big deal to the DJ.  A wedding professional on the other hand has an investment in their business and their reputation and risk their livelihoods with every performance.  One bad review can destroy their business so strive to please you and your guests. They will be dedicated to making the night everything you want it to be.

     Would you rather have an entertainer who is 100% invested in their business and performance on your wedding day or someone who does it as a hobby?

  1. A wedding is a unique event that require the skills and experience of a wedding specialist for a smooth, flawless ceremony and reception.

It’s about more than just playing music.  Your wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, managing the guests, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time.  Even a DJ who is quite experienced in the club setting will be at a loss because they are simply not familiar with the flow of events and how to prevent disasters when something goes awry.

     Are you willing to place the outcome of your wedding in the hands of someone who doesn’t “do” weddings for a living?

  1. Your guests won’t dance without an experienced entertainer who can read the crowd and keep the momentum going.

It’s about playing the right songs at the right time and in the right order to maintain dancing.  Often, the mood changes and your entertainer needs to change the program to maximize the dancing along the way.  If he/she cannot mix from one song to another, you’ll have gaps of “dead air” or awkward rhythms that will frustrate your guests and clear the dance floor. Many couples think that providing an amateur with a set list of songs they love will be enough to make a fun wedding.  It’s not.  You need a professional dj with experience to work this song playlist together with your requests in the most effective manner in order to avoid an empty dance floor.

A professional DJ is used to watching the evening unfold and knowing the right moment to bring out a slow song or the chicken dance. They know when to get things moving and when they should fade into the background of a special moment. It’s more than a list of songs that you love, but the right ones at the right times

     Are you willing to sacrifice the fun at your wedding party to save money on a cheaper DJ?

  1. The DJ has a huge impact on the mood and outcome of your party, for better or worse.

An obnoxious DJ with an abrasive voice will irritate your guests and dampen the mood of the entire party.  Professional DJs invest in vocal training and practice to optimize their performance.

     Do you want just anyone acting as your wedding host or do you want a professional speaker you can trust?

  1. Your special events may not happen if you don’t hire a specialist who’s experienced in channeling the flow of events.

Who’s in charge of making sure the toasts, special dances and dedications go without a hitch? Just having the equipment and knowing how to push play doesn’t guarantee the people wrangling skills you need for a smooth, fun evening.  In most cases, your professional DJ and entertainer is the one who makes sure your special events are executed as you’ve requested.

     Will you risk leaving your special events to chance or do you want to ensure that everything is done according to plan?

  1. An amateur doesn’t have the experience to include your unique requests in a way that truly expresses your personality AND keeps people dancing.

You cannot make your guests dance to the songs you like if they don’t feel the same way.  Your professional wedding DJ will use his/her wealth of experience to build sets of music around your preferences, while amateurs can simply play the songs you request because they lack the experience necessary to make it work.

     Do you want your guests sitting down because the mood of the music is all wrong or do you want them having fun on the dance floor all night?

  1. Professional DJs invest more into their equipment, which means you have superior sound and performance at your wedding.

    A stereo system that sounds great in your living room doesn’t sound good in a spacious wedding venue.  Professional equipment is necessary for clear “high quality” sound that has impact at low volumes so your guests can speak at the tables, even while the dance floor is thumping.

    Are sound issues like blasting music or impossible to understand audio acceptable on your wedding day?


You invest in your wedding in order to create the perfect day and choosing the DJ is a decision that you will not want to downplay. Think of the weddings you have been to. What made them enjoyable? Why do they stand out in your mind? You are likely remembering a DJ with a great personality, an amazing mix of music, or quality sound.

Your wedding day only happens once so make sure you hire a professional DJ company who gets it right, allowing you to relax and actually enjoy the party you’ve spent so much time planning.  Please do not jeopardize it by hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.