A traditional Greek wedding, pt 1 before the wedding

Before the ceremony 

The engagement  :

To keep a woman’s reputation an honourable man would give a wedding promise with an engagement ceremony where they exchange rings of promise to spend the rest of their lives together, usually worn on the left hand. These same rings are also used as the wedding rings that are placed on the right hand.

Booking the day : 

Greek couples can generally get married when they want except during fasting periods according to the Orthodox church. Sundays used to be the popular day to get married nowadays it Saturday.

Making the bed :

It is a popular tradition for the family and friends of the bride and groom to gather at the couples new home and ” make the bed” usually the groom isn’t present. Money, coins, rice and rose petals decorate the bed as a wish of good luck, followed by a young child, usually a boy rolling across the bed to guarantee fertility.

Dowry :

Dowry is the brides clothes, underwear, kitchenware and home decorative items. bought or handmade by her and her mother ready for her married life. The Thursday before her wedding the dowry is taken to her future home in carriages, horses, cars etc. Of course today this is no longer necessary except in a few villages.