A traditional Greek wedding pt2 superstitions

Good luck and bad luck on the special day


Seeing the bride :

Just like a typical British wedding it is also deemed bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the ceremony of any Greek wedding.

Number of Koufeta :

Koufeta are sugar coated Almonds, Usually given in a bomboniere. ( favor) The hardness of the Almond represents endurance of the marriage and the sweetness of the sugar symbolizes the sweetness of the future. They are always given in odd numbers to represent the bride and groom being undivided.

Good luck / bad luck : 

BAD – It is considered bad luck to see another bride on her wedding day.                                                     GOOD – Rain on their wedding day is considered good luck because rain makes the land fertile, so likewise if it rains on their wedding day, they will have lots of children.                                                         BAD – If the wedding rings or Stefana (Crowns) falls down it’s considered bad luck.                                     BAD – Leap year wedding have been doomed to fail for thousands of years because the Romans believed it was the month of the devil so no ceremonies were performed during that month.

No coffee :

In some areas of Greece family members ( mostly the older ladies) do not offer coffee on a wedding day despite their usual hospitality, they believe they shouldn’t be making coffee on a wedding day, guess it should be wine that they drink!