A traditional Greek wedding pt3 an important role

Koumparos / Koumpara :

The koumparos is the couple’s best man (the koumpara refers to a woman and is pretty much like the bride’s maid of honour only with more responsibilities!) They play a vital role within the ceremony.  Traditionally, the groom’s godfather or his children were asked to serve first or a family member or a close friend of the couple or the family. The koumparos in Greece is the “sponsor” of the marriage, and has a very special role in the ceremony, performing rituals. The koumparos and his family were extremely appreciated and honoured with various traditions paying tribute to them and lots of traditional dancing involved. The koumparos and koumpara are also both blessed with the honour of becoming the couple’s first born child’s godparents

This is not where their duties end… catch the following posts to see just how important they are… here is a sneak preview of some of their duties …