A traditional Greek wedding pt4 Getting married in the morning

It’s all in the preparations, here’s a few things Greeks do on the morning of the wedding…

The best man shave :

The morning of the wedding the groom has some help getting ready. The koumparos will shave him,this affirms the trust between them. His friends help him dress taking turns, one may help with his bow another with his jacket.

Help with the dress :

The same way the groom has help getting dressed the brides does too. in some parts of Greece, they are also singing traditional wedding songs. before the bride puts her shoes on, she will write the names of her unmarried friends on the bottom of her shoes. The tradition says that the names of the girls that will be erased by the end of the day will get married soon.

If the shoe fits :

The koumparos visits the bride’s house the day of the wedding to escort her to church. But, the doors are shut! There are many traditions around his visit. For example, he may have to bring a fried chicken all fancily decorated and adorned in exchange to enter the house! Then, he must help the bride put her shoes on. At this point, the bride always pretends the shoes don’t fit her as they are too large! Then, the koumparos places money to make her feet slide in until the happy bride-to-be says she is comfortable in her wedding shoes! This “show” could continue with other men in the home, such as the bride’s father, who may also try his luck and see if he can make that shoe fit!