DWP Destination Wedding Planners Congress Day 3

Day 3 at the destination wedding planners congress. The venue is at Mitsis Rodos Palace in Ixia.Today is the grand award ceremony, gala dinner and after-party. Sound Checks were during the afternoon. The F.Y.E. team were setting up the after-party with lasers and mirror balls. The whole room looked stunning. Once all sound checks were completed it was time to go and make ourselves pretty.

Gala Dinner, Awards and After Party

Once we were all dressed up we arrived at the Rodos Palace for day 3. Presented us with our gift bags full of wonderful goodies. Ouzo, Honey and other treats. Then it was time for the welcoming drinks. A DWP chocolate mudslide to guests as they arrived. There were people dressed in various costumes including medieval costumes, as well as two Greek Gods to pose with on the garden swing.

Finally, they were ready to present the glorious dining room to the guests. It was simply stunning Beautiful place settings, flowers and centrepieces. There was a massive stage with a long runway for the night’s acts. Each of the courses was absolutely amazing. In between the food, we had speeches and awards for various different categories, Best photographer, best venue etc. 

Once all the awards had been handed out it was time to party. Off to the party room. set up and ready to rock was the Shine Band. Their extremely upbeat and energetic covers had everyone dancing from the word go. The energy was high throughout their entire set. I am a big fan of drums so my attention was kept on the drummer.

One in the morning was our time to shine and keep the party going.  We kept the variety of cultured music to accommodate all the delegates. As some of the guests had early flights it start to fizzle out about 3 am. Finishing our last song at 3.45 am. Our job was done and what a success it was.

Final Thoughts

Despite being nervous about the whole event, I will admit that it was well worth the experience. It was so wonderful meeting so many people. The bands, the dancers and other fellow acts were just brilliant. Meeting all the different guests from around the world was the best experience. I got to learn about other cultures and their respective counties. The new connections and friends made over these 3 days was the most valuable. Many business cards were exchanged throughout the 3-day event, Valuable connections to people in our industry that I would have never had the chance to make without DWP. We are currently in talks with some of these planners about fulfilling their bookings here on Rhodes. So far a very positive outcome from a very positive experience.