Cake Cutting & Speeches 2021

Cake cutting and speeches are just two important moments of any wedding. Here is why both are so important to your special day. Here is my best of 2021 cake cutting and Speeches video for you to enjoy. along with some interesting facts about where it all came from.

During the 17th and 18th century they started to look like what we have today. Traditionally they were fruit cakes, then as sugar became more affordable wedding cakes appeared with icing. This was also a reflection on a families wealth. Tiers appeared to accommodate larger wedding guest numbers. Some save their top tier for either their first anniversary or the christening of their first child.

Cake Cutting

Cutting the cake is one of the first activities done as a married couple. The Groom places his hand over the Bride’s hand when holding the knife. This represents his support and promises to take care of her in the future. Cutting the bottom tier is encouraged as it is believed to bring luck to the longevity of their marriage. The act of feeding each other a piece of the first slice comes from Roman times. It is believed that feeding each other brings the promise of providing for each other, as well as keeping a sweet love between the couple. find more sweet moments about Cake cutting and Speeches on Instagram

cake cutting and speeches


Speeches or toasts as they are also known date all the way back to 600BC.  It would represent the joining of two families. The term “Toast come from when the Romans used to put a burnt piece of bread in the wine. This would make spoilt wine taste better.  Over the centuries the toast became part of honouring people.  The very first important thing is ensuring all the wedding party has their glasses charged. primed to wish the honoured love and happiness. Traditionally the father of the Bride starts the speeches, Thanking all the guests for coming and to honour his daughter, the Bride. Followed by the Groom toasting the Bridesmaids, both sets of parents and his newly married wife. Lastly, the best man delivers his speech. This usually comprises of funny antidotes of the Grooms life. Today speeches can happen in all different kinds of order. Same-sex marriages, Bridesmaids, and even Brides may wish to make a speech. It is down to you and your spouse to decide what order you would like your toast to be. Catch our previous video of Speeches


cake cutting and speeches

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