First dance 2021

The first dance is one of the most popular traditions of a wedding day. Here is my best of first dance 2021 video. With some history to where this important moment originated.

The history of the first dance

The first dance dates back to the 17th Century. A time of formal balls was popular. It was customary that the guest of honour would announce the opening of the ball. This included the Bride and Groom announcing the ball section of their wedding day. The dances of the time were long country dances more like a line or parade. The first couple wouldn’t be the only ones dancing throughout the first piece of music; rather they would lead the other couples down the set. Here is our video of First dance video 2019

The first dance

The first dance today

The principle of the first dance is still the same. End of the formalities and opening up the party section of the wedding day. Some couples choose to dance alone. Others perhaps are too shy and request the guests to join them on the dance floor. It is one of the first treasured moments of the newly married couple. In recent years floor sparklers have become very popular. It adds a sense of magic to the occasion. Some use this popular tradition to do a rehearsed dance routine, which is always amazing to see. The first dance is one of the most popular traditions of a wedding day, Still today.

The music

The song you choose is important. Quite often the song has meaning for the couple. This year there was a nice variety from Elvis to Ed Sheeran. How will you  If you are looking for inspiration then find it here on our Rhodes Wedding DJ Youtube Channel