Father and Daughter Dance 2021

Special moments between a father and his daughter

Father and daughter dance of 2021. A wedding day is packed full of moments that will last a lifetime. The father and daughter dance is another one of those treasured moments. This dance usually happens after the first dance. Followed by the mother and son dance. There have been times when the father hasn’t been able to enjoy this special dance, So their mother will fulfil the honour.

For the father, this special dance is a huge privilege. Some may have dreamt about giving their daughter away and this dance since her birth. Catch our previous dance video here Special dances video

Father and Daughter dance

History of the Father and Daughter Dance

The Father and Daughter dance originates from when marriages were arranged.  Social, political, and monetary alliances led to unions rather than love. This dance served as the last demand from the Brides father. Usually done before the couples first dance After which the father handed her over to her new husband. The now most important man in her life.

Today this dance is modernized. The father and Daughter dance follows the newlyweds first dance. It symbolizes the love between the two generations. Appreciation of the love and guidance she has received throughout her life. In recent years these dances have involved step-parents where appropriate.

What song should we choose?

The song you choose for your special dance is up to you. You may have a significant song that has meaning for you both. Some want to go for the slower song to resemble the close bond they have with their father. Others opt for the more upbeat number to keep the atmosphere high. Some have opted for a joint parent dance. The bride with her father and the Groom with his mother. Whatever song you choose that moment will stay with you for a lifetime. For inspiration of finding the perfect Father and Daughter song click here Rhodes Wedding DJ Playlists