Mother and Son Dance 2021

Precious moments between a mother and son

Mother and son dance 2021 video. There have been some magical moments with his special dance. The bond between a mother and her son is apparent. All captured on video to celebrate this bond in 2021.

Mother and son dance

History of the mother and son dance

In the Father and Daughter dance post, you will find the origin dates back to medieval times. It was one of the last demands from a father to the Bride. As arranged marriages become a thing of the past as does the role of the father of the Bride. Traditionally now it is about love and support for his daughter. 

The Mother and son dance isn’t as old. In recent decades this special dance and become popular. It is a way of honouring his mother for the love and support during his lifetime.

Ocassionally the parent dances are done together. Providing a single parent dance. This is where both sets of parents dance with the newlyweds.

What song to choose

Whatever sing you choose, the dance will remain a part of your lifelong memories. Popular songs are Boys II Men with song for Mama, Your song by Elton John or God only knows by the Beach Boys. For more inspiration on Mother and Son songs go to Youtube here. Rhodes Wedding DJ Playlists