The Mr and Mrs Game 2021

New entertaining fun in 2021

The Mr and Mrs Game was loved by everybody. The newlyweds and all of their guests. Working on the same principle as the TV show. The Bride and Groom try to match their answers.

Mr and Mrs game


The principle of the Mr and Mrs game

The newlyweds sit back to back so they can’t see each other’s answers. They each hold one of their own shoes and one of their spouses. With each question they raise the shoe that represents either themselves or the other half. For example who looks better in a wedding dress. We would all hope that the Brides two shoes would go up. Catch what else is new right here New for Rhodes Wedding DJ

The questions for the Mr and Mrs game

Not to give the game away, but here are some examples of the questions.


Who is the better driver?

Which one is the better cook?

Who makes the biggest fuss when they are ill?

The most likely to be late for something?

Who controls the TV remote?


Mr and Mrs

The Mr and Mrs game for 2022

The game was so well received that it shall continue for 2022. There will be additional questions added to the list. A few of last years guests came up with some really good ones. The game is played either during the Cocktail hour or after the wedding breakfast. It was a great way to break up the evening. providing plenty of laughs for the wedding party, To keep up to date with what Rhodes Wedding is doing then follow us here on Rhodes Wedding DJ Facebook Page

Enjoy the video.