Garter Toss 2021

Garter Toss

Plenty of laughs in 2021 with the boys for the Garter toss. A very intimate tradition and highly entertaining for wedding guests. 2021 witnessed rugby tackles to setting up the best man just to gain the lucky garter.

The history of the Garter toss

Singletons considered a piece of a wedding dress or bouquet to be lucky. This includes the garter. The superstition of the Brides good luck would encourage people to tear her dress. hoping for a piece of her good luck. The Bride started to wear a garter to avoid her dress from being ruined. Another Belief is that a long time ago couples would consummate their marriage immediately after the ceremony. Their families would wait outside the bedroom to ensure it happens. The Groom would then present the garter as proof that the deed was done. Check out our Bouquet Toss 2021 Video

The Garter Toss Today

Today the garter toss is less intimate. However, this does not put off a Grooms attempts to display his love for his bride. Often there is a show for the guests while the Groom disappears under his Brides dress. To reappear with the garter in his teeth. Similar to ladies and the Bouquet toss. The eligible men line up, waiting to be the next lucky man. Enjoy all the fun of The Garter Toss 2021 video

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