Sparklers and Fireworks 2021

Set your special day off with a bang

Sparklers and fireworks are a brilliant way to amaze your wedding guests. The brightly coloured light displays are loved by all.

Sparklers and fireworks at weddings

We all know that sparklers and fireworks originated in China. Their wonderful invention quickly took off all around Europe. The British recognised how perfect they were. The first known celebratory fireworks display was at Henry VII’s wedding to Elizabeth of York in 1486. They became more popular throughout the centuries. It was said that the granddaughter of Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth spent £8,000 on her display

There are two types of Sparklers we use here in Rhodes. 

1) The handheld Sparkler we know and love – Perfect for the first dance or as the Bride and Groom leave their wedding reception.

2) Floor Sparklers – Controlled by professional Pyrotechnics with their remote control. These give such an amazing effect to every first dance that has them. Providing the perfect wow factor for all the guests.


We all know what fun Fireworks are. They can add that extra bit of wow factor to your special day. For previous sparklers and fireworks, watch the First dance video

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